Journey’s start, sort of…

Welcome all!

I’ve started this blog for a number of reasons and this first post is going to be an explanation of what those are!

For starters, here are the basics!
I’m Shank McCoy and I am a Jammer for Southern Discomfort’s Knights of Discomfort.
On the 15/16 October 2016 I will be travelling to Texas with my team to play in the Men’s Roller Derby Association championships, the furthest I have ever traveled in my life, let alone for roller derby.

The main reason for this blog is to keep all of the generous people who have donated to the fund to get me to champs (and any of the other incredibly supportive people who wish to know how I’m getting on etc) in the loop with how my training is going on and off skates.

I will be uploading many pictures and updates from my journey  as I go.
This is also a brilliant forum for me to document any thoughts, feelings, pondering, and musings about roller derby, fitness, motivation, and diet.

Finally, I will be able to talk to you lovely people about the other great people who have supported me in many forms along my journey!

Thank you and keep your eyes peeled for updates!
Please drop me a message if there’s anything I’m missing out, or start a discussion!
I want this to also interact with the community wherever possible!






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