Boot camp mode

This week has been a pretty fun week and I have been mulling over just how important rest is in any routine in life, especially exercise, and for me training for champs.
Given that my usual training regime involves 2 days training with SDRD and 3 or 4 cross training sessions at the gym. These sessions involve strength lifting, endurance style lifting, cardio, and core work. (More on this soon). I have learned to rewlly cherish the days in which I do no heavy lifting or strenuous exercise, and instead devoting this time to meal prep, stretching, or doing absolutely nothing! 

People often ask how I prepare for a game, and it is often asked of people’s pre-bout rituals. I believe that bout prep should many days before- calculating your nutrition and keeping your body supple whilst not fatiguing yourself.

Therefore, This week I was tapering off my training for the SDRD big bad boot camp! Today I’ll be coaching with the team for four hours, scrimmaging and then playing a game against an all star LRT/SWS team. Such a long day of skating can’t be tackled if I had continued to lift heavy and push my training to the max! Sunday and Monday saw me cross training as usual, with team training on Tuesday, and my rest night on Wednesday. This week I tried something different on Thursday and went rock climbing – this allowed me a fun workout which focuses more on upper body and leg stress being bodyweight only, and Friday’s fitness activity was devoted to yoga and foam rolling.

Tl;dr: if you’re working out and training hard for roller derby, think intelligently about what to do with your rest days and bout prep starts way before the bout!


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