This week has been another full of hard training and rigorous mental preparation. 

Saturday marked the final game in the UK for SDRD before we fly out to MRDA champs. After a day of coaching and scrimmaging, we were all less than fresh in our boots and down some of our most seasoned jammers. Regardless of this, our defence is so freaking strong and I have been training so hard to increase my endurance thanks to workouts from the incredible Vicki Slaps of the Cambridge Rollerbillies. Smart jamming ethos and tips from the one and only Miracle whips have been fuelling my whole jamming game at the moment- I highly recommend attending a coaching session with her as the one that I did at Eurocon has completely changed the way in which I jam and think about jamming.

This medley of calm thought, with mental and physical preparation led to what I feel is the best game that I have ever played. I have more things to work on than I care to mention, but this game marked a change and I felt ready to take on the oncoming challenge.

2 years ago I had started casually skating with Southern Discomfort roller derby, just as they were about to travel to Washington. Sat at home in a then new SDRD 2014 MRDA champs shirt I watched the best of the best in the men’s game battle it out and I knew that I wanted to be at that level. About a year later, I made the decision to drop my lifelong passion of music in favour of devoting my life to playing roller derby and officially joined the league. Fast forward a year filled with incredibly hard work and the steepest physical learning curve i had tackled so far, I am now a part of the MRDA champs squad and I get to skate with my heroes. Not only on a weekly basis, but now in the most important tournament of the season, and definitely of my life so far. The pride that I have for this is immeasurable and the camaraderie I feel from my brothers is paramount.

Those who know me, will know that I knock myself down a lot. This isn’t always the best attitude and to those who are making big leaps in your team, or even small leaps. I implore you to take some perspective and to focus on your achievements and not to dwell on what you perceive as failures. 

I am ever shocked and grateful to be a part of this team and so much more so that this trip was made possible by many wonderfully kind and generous people. Thank you all so much and watch this space! I fly out in just under two weeks! 


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