Dallas here I come!

32,000 feet in the air and travelling at over 500 miles an hour is where I draft this post. Somewhat appropriately watching Groundhog Day for the first time as ten hours on the plane feels like eternity.

However, after months of training, I’m on my way to Texas. Playing for my team, my brothers in arms- Southern Discomfort, awaits me.

People along the way have asked me what takes me to America, my chest swelling with pride every time that I tell them (having to explain roller derby to most). Every time that I think about playing Derby this week I get a different kind of lump in my chest. The build up to this tournament has been as much of a mental battle as it has been a physical one. I think that I’ve been transparent about being diagnosed with depression and anxiety earlier this year but it’s not something that I talk about publicly much. All I know is that without the help (financial or otherwise) of my friends, my family, acquaintances, and the roller derby community, I would not have been able to push myself this hard and to be able to represent my team on the international stage. I know that I bang on a lot but I am grateful to every single one of you from the bottom of my heart. 

I’ll post this when I land and there’s going to be plenty of photos and I’ll post any family friendly anecdotes 😜

Tomorrow we travel from Dallas to Austin for our warm-up game and I can’t wait to play some damn Derby! Bully!! 


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