No offence, but…

As I look forward to what I want the current season to bring me, like somewhat of a letter to Santa of goals for the coming year, I am active in my retrospective thought.
I’ll keep this one short kids but the take home message from this, coming from a jammer here, is that you are not alone.
What do you mean Shank? Of course we’re not alone, there’s 4 of my awesome blockers on track and the rest of my team are on the bench, I’m grand!
Do you (when jamming) actually believe this? Let’s have a chat about it!
I don’t think that many jammers do. I find that we swing from thinking that we’re the bees knees and that we can take on the world to blaming ourselves for every lead jammer lost, every point lost or not scored.
I find this when I coach, or even just talking to people who jam at scrims or training and  even after games. Getting beaten down in your head is exactly how you will lose the game (I just lost The Game by the way…). Keeping your head up, being analytical and trying to figure out how to best proceed and change things up is the only way forward, not slipping further into the tar pit of self-deprecation.
One of the ways that you can work on your mental strength is making a conscious decision to work with your blockers in games and in training, potentially quashing some of that feeling of isolation.

Anyway, here’s a Gif on a lighter note, highlighting how important team-work is.

Gif here!
I wouldn’t have got out for lead jammer (if at all) in this situation if I hadn’t had offence from the amazing Samdroid.
This team-work makes me feel less isolated, allowing me to focus wholly on my jamming. Training to know to look for offence, knowing what offence from my team is likely to look like, and training my teammates to know what to expect from me in these situations paid off greatly here.




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